Thursday, September 27, 2012

Difference between FAT 32 and NTFS file system?

FAT32 and NTFS both are file systems used by windows operating system, to store files in hard disks.

FAT32 can not hold files more than 2GB, because in the background it takes more space to store files than the actual requirement. For example to store a 2KB file, it requires 32KB. But works on multiple operating system.

NTFS means NT File Management System, works only on a single operating system.

Why I could not store files bigger than 2MB in my Pendrive? Is it a Virus Problem?

This is not a Virus Problem.
Pen drives formatted in FAT 32 format, can not store files bigger than 2MB.

Follow the steps below to format your pen drive to NTFS File System.
  • Go to My Computer
  • Right Click
  • Select File System as NTFS
  • Click Format -> OK

Thursday, September 13, 2012

From my office can I use the files stored in my PC at home?

It's easy, infact you can access the files from anywhere.
There are many solutions available. But I consider Google Drive is safe with super special features.

Click here to Install Google Drive

Drag and Drop files you want to see or share.
That's it. Now you can access them from anywhere, and share with others. (No email attachment is required)