Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to stop the over heating of my laptop?

Tip #1
Clean the dust blocking fan inlet or outlet (usually at the bottom)

Tip #2
Check and clean the dust from CPU fan

Tip #3
Try  Laptop cooling stand

Tip #4
Stop the unnecessary programs running in the background
Start->run->type "msconfig" ->OK
A window will open.
In the window goto startup tab and disable the unnecessary progrms.

Tip #5
Turn On Power Saver Mode
Invoke the  'power saver'. The power saving modes usually turn down the display brightness and spin down the hard drives if the machine is idle for a fixed period of time.

Tips #6
Remove the unwanted USB Devices
USB ports are a well-known heat generator.  Plug out the unwanted USB devices and your machine will start to cool down.

Tips #7
Make sure to use in hard surface
If you have your laptop placed on a soft surface (e.g. bed or carpet) the air circulation will be blocked and will cause extensive heat.


நட்புடன் ஜமால் said...

dust cleaning & msconfig is nice tips anna

Ananthi said...

woww.. very useful tips annaa.. :)

Mythili Krishnan (மைதிலி கிருஷ்ணன்) said...

Thanks Anna for answering my question.