Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to connect your lap top with Wi-Fi network?

Click on the Wifi Connection icon on bottom right of screen and you should see a window that indicates connection, strength and duration. Click on the Properties tab.

This window will show the type of networking card installed. Click on the Wireless Networks tab.

Once the Wireless Network Connection Properties window is open you will have two options depending on how you set up your laptop.

If you do not see any networks listed in Preferred or Available networks, you will have to manually add the SSID. Click on Add. You will have to enter the SSID and WEP key (if required). Click OK and you should then see the network you just added in the Available networks box.

If you see the correct SSID showing in the Available Networks, then you need to click on Configure in order to enter the WEP key if that is required.

In this window, enter the SSID for the Wi-Fi network you want to access. Make sure you do not have CAPS lock or NUM lock while entering the information.

If a Network key is required, click on "Data Encryption and then enter the Network key you have been provided with. Again make sure you do not have CAPS or NUM lock on. Click OK when entered. If you have entered the key incorrectly a message will pop up and you will need to re-enter the key.

Next go to Start - and where it says Connect To click on that and you should see choices. Click on Wireless Network Connection and it should work.