Saturday, January 3, 2009

"I DNT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE" - I could not open Firefox, I get only this message. How to stop it?

You are getting this message and prevented from using Firefox, because of a "USB Worm". The worm spreads through USB devices like pen drive. So be careful when you use USB devices in public places like internet cafes.

You can find this worm inside a folder called Heap41a
By removing this folder you can remove the USB Worm and start using Firefox again.

But this is a hidden folder in C drive. So you can't see it.
So follow the steps to enter into the folder and remove the worm.

Delete C:\Heap41a folder.
Steps to Delete C:\Heap41a folder and remove USB Worm.
  • Open Windows Explorer
    Type C:\Heap41a ( in address bar ) and press enter.
    ( To unhide the hidden folder Heap41a).
  • Click and download AutoHotkey.INI (a file to remove the worm) to Heap41a folder.
  • Go to Heap41a folder.
  • Double click a file called svchost.exe to execute.
  • A message box will appear. Press Ok
  • Go to C: dirve (using My Computer or thru Windows Explorer)
  • Delete C:\Heap41a folder.

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